Make a Move. Be Well. Create yummy Food.

We love our kids. Celebrate them, and let’s consciously choose opportunities to provide them with a foundation for the best and healthiest life possible! There is no greater strength in life than the strength of education. Education provides us with the tools to carve a path so that we can create the best opportunities for success.

At MWF Company, we want you to take a bite out of life – quite literally. We specialize in the education of culinary arts and wellness for student, from tots to seniors. This means that our founder, Chef Matthew Fast, is on a mission to provide an exciting and fun way of learning how to create deliciously healthy food from scratch, while incorporating the importance of daily physical activity.

It’s not always about losing weight but to learn how to have a more happy, healthy and productive life.

Let us join you in your students’ educational journey and supplement it with a culinary arts and wellness program. At MWF Company, we don’t like thinking outside of the box. Why? Well, to be honest, boxes do not exist in our world. We are limitless! Get Ready… because we are about to revolutionize the minds and bodies of your community, one meal and one jumping-jack at a time!

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