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Matthew and I met about six years ago through a good friend of mine. His contagious smile, the happiness in his eyes and the positive energy that surrounded him made me understand in an instance why my friend had been talking so much about Matthew ever since they became friends.

When Matthew talks about cooking and food you see that sparkle in his eyes; when he shares his stories of teaching little kids how to prepare healthy meals you find yourself smiling while listening because of the excitement you hear in his voice. Not until a few weeks ago I found out about the challenges Matthew had to tackle in life. Hearing his biography made me choke at times and had me realize how much of a fighter Matthew is. I am so proud of him for never giving up.

Matthew stayed at my house in San Diego while preparing himself for his MasterChef Audition. Watching him prepare his delicious bars for his audition was nothing but a lot of fun and again I found myself smiling realizing that cooking isn’t just an occupation for Matthew; it’s his passion!  Matthew Fast is an incredible person, amazing chef and simply an inspiration for all of us. He turned all the negative obstacles in his life into something positive and I TRUELY believe that he can fulfill any dream he has. — Antje Schroeter

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I have known Matthew Fast for 8 years. Matthew worked for us here at Eureka Valley Recreation Center for the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.  I believe that Matthew is a very patient and kind person. He worked with our Petite Bakers class here at Eureka Valley Recreation Center.

We have had many positive compliments about his work here. He always goes the extra mile to do an excellent job. He has worked with several age groups and has won over our clients. He teaches tot classes, teen classes, as well as adults.

Matthew is a great problem solver, a very patient person, works extra to make sure the job is completed correctly, and his customer service is excellent. — Adela Dominguez

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I have known Matthew Fast for the past eight years. Matthew was hired by me to teach children’s recreational cooking classes for the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department.
Matthew has been very professional and well-liked by the staff and our clients. He is always prompt, communicates well, and is a high performing worker. He goes the extra mile to ensure the kids have a positive experience.

Matthew works well with primary school children and makes them feel welcomed in his classes. He keeps his classes entertaining, safe, and fun for the kids. Also, his classes routinely fill up with large waiting lists. He exhibits a unique skill in making all of the children welcome in his classes.

Matthew has built our culinary programs into the success that the S.F. Rec & Park department enjoys today. His Camp Gourmet programs over the summers are raved about by kids and parents… and he is the reason for it. He manages kids, teen workers, and his cooking staff with great skill and compassion. We are very fortunate to have found this gem. — Don Franklin

I met Matthew Fast when he worked with me as our head instructor of cooking classes for adults and kids at the Recreation and Park Department Leisure Services Division.  Matthew developed our cooking programs with a mandate to recreate a marginal group of classes and camps.  We wanted our classes and programs to be educational, healthy, and fun.  Matthew was responsible for planning, purchasing and tracking expenses for the programs.  He also developed curriculum and implemented classes for our highly successful kids cooking program and our summertime “Camp Gourmet” for youth 11 to 15 years of age.

Throughout his employment, Matthew proved to be efficient, hard-working, and punctual employee.  I was very impressed with Matthew’s ability to complete all assigned work and juggle multiple task in a timely and professional manner.  In addition, Matthew possessed excellent communication skills and an eye for detail when developing menu plans and implementing them.  Matthew has a natural talent for project coordinating and excellent skills working with students, vendors, and volunteers.

I highly recommend Matthew for any position that he feels qualified for.  He is an excellent employee; anyone would enjoy working with him.  Your selection of Matthew Fast would prove to be a wise choice. — James Wheeler


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