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Delicious food can be prepared fresh and fast.  Project: FAST Food is designed to help inspire children, young adults and seniors to re-create their favorite meals through healthier options with everyday ingredients. In addition, the Project: FAST Food program incorporates physical activities in between cooking time to boost metabolism, which helps to burn calories quicker.  The project is based around 3 fundamental principles: Movement, Wellness, and Food.

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Project: FAST Food has the goal of fighting child obesity and help prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes, along with other health challenges associated from living an unhealthy lifestyle.  The facts are heartbreaking: 1 in 3 children in America today are overweight or obese.  Helping children learn how to consciously choose different food options both at the grocery store and at their favorite restaurants are extremely important steps that these children can take as they grow up into healthy and physically active adults.  This project makes learning about these culinary and wellness concepts extremely fun and educational for your students.

Eating healthy is a choice.  It never has to be boring, and it does not mean that it will taste bland. Eating healthy can be very affordable.  It does not need to be complicated and can be created within an hour.

Project: FAST Food is not just about losing weight.  Instead, we care about living a healthy and productive life.  It’s not necessarily a different way of thinking,  but we all know that it’s a better way of living.
Living a healthy life empowers our children to grow up with more self-confidence, discipline, and energy to conquer and exceed their goals.
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Partner with MWF Company and let’s work on Project: FAST Food together!  The concept of “fast food” is going to change.  The connotation will not have to imply greasy, deep fried foods filled with preservatives any more.
Chef Matthew Fast offers a comprehensive and tailored culinary arts and wellness curriculum for your students.  We utilize your institution’s own kitchen for culinary instruction and meal preparation.  If there is no kitchen available, we bring our mobile kitchen to you.
We make the process extremely easy for you.  All we need is your support and your young chefs to come and participate.  We do the rest.  Yes, it’s really that simple.  Let’s continue to make a positive impact for our future young leaders today.  You help them work smart.  And we help them eat smart.
Be at the front of the line and Contact us to discuss culinary arts, physical education, and wellness programming today.  Chef Matthew Fast will design a specific curriculum to suit your school’s, organization, hospital, assisted living facility, birthday party and team building interests, goals, and budgets.
Project: FAST Food Movement:
MWF Company created a platform for children to educate each other about wellness.  MWF Company is producing a food channel where students can watch, learn farm fresh recipes to make at home, and learn new fun activities and games.  Putting kids in the front seat and giving them more responsibility to influence each other by making healthier lifestyle choices.  We take everyday recipes and recreate them so that they are kid friendly and healthier to eat.
The Students will want to cook what they learned and influence their families to also get involved. Parents do not always have time and money to shop but if you can wait in a drive through, you can take the time to order farm fresh foods online and have them delivered to your doorstep or simply just stop at your local farmers market or grocery store.  We actually  have made it easier for you.  We recommend using Milk and Eggs.  Learn more about Milk & Eggs on our “Milk and Eggs” tab at the top and bottom of this page or at  Get ingredients FAST and fresh delivered right to your door. Delivery is even free.  Most recipes recreated will be FAST, fun, healthy and affordable.
Stay tuned to learn how you can be a part of the Project: FAST Food movement and learn how to be on our show and submit your Movement, Wellness, and Food videos to us.  Please join Project: FAST Food so we can influence lives all over the world.


Meet the newest member of my staff:
Social, Recreation Therapy Programs Coming soon to children’s hospitals and assisted living facility’s. We get children and seniors involved in living a happy life with wellness. We will make amazing recipes, create memories with fun activities. Plus, you get to hang out with the newest member of my team.  I would like to introduce you to Breck Fast.
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Wellness means so many things to so many people.  Having a best friend, buddy to talk to, someone to play with, tell secrets to and even cook with.  Most importantly a loyal friend that genuinely cares. Breck even helps us clean up while we cook.  This is why I hired and adopted Breck as the newest member of my team.  Breck is going through some pretty intensive training for emotional therapy support.  I bet Breck made you smile!  Contact us to find out how to schedule different programs with Breck.  We all know that Break Fast is the most important part of our day!

E-mail or Call (626) 657-8897 for more information.

Project: FAST Food©

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