Milk and Eggs

Project: FAST Food is partnering up with Milk and Eggs.  We both have the same goal in common and that is just making the world a healthier place.  Not only is it affordable, it is also easy to order.  Delivery is FAST and free.  We recommend you try it.  To all my little chefs, be sure to ask your parents to use their card before you place an order…

The Food Marketplace – Farms & more!

Farms & more!  Milk and Eggs are an online food market connecting people to amazing farmers and food makers. Membership & Delivery are FREE and orders can be changed anytime.  Milk and Eggs customers sign up for subscriptions of milk, eggs, dairy, meats, vegetables, and fruits on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. All food will be fresh and locally acquired.

All Milk and Eggs products are sourced from local growers or aggregators. If not available due to seasonality, they will still be procured through a local aggregator. Our short logistics cycle enables vine and tree ripened foods to be brought from the farm to your door within 48 hours.  The goal is to have the shortest distance between you and your food so you can eat it the way nature intended. Get it fresh, get it local, taste the difference.

The truly hyper-local sources along with our expansion into a food marketplace is what sets us apart from competitors.  We bring local bakeries with their fresh breads and bagels right to your door.  We also offer fresh pastas and pasta sauces along with fresh juices and hand carved meats from local butchers straight to you.  It saves you time and allows you to enjoy the quality and freshness of these locally famous businesses from the convenience of your home.

Deliveries are dropped off at your front door and can be retrieved whenever convenient. Our delivery system allows for minimal carbon footprint, much less than customers going to the grocery store themselves. One emissary (driver) can deliver many orders in 1 efficient trip, saving on both emissions and the environment; not to mention saving you time.

Have your groceries delivered right to your door at  Try it.  Delivery is free!  Check out the Milk and Eggs website to see if they can deliver to you.  If not, just give them time.  They will be in your neighborhood soon!!