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Join the Inquiry Academy and Project: FAST Food for classes that are coming up in June.  We have a class Le Petite Chef for ages 2-4 from 10:00-11:15 am on every Wednesday in May.  In this class we will learn about food,  literacy building and is book themed inspired.  The second class Growing Young Chefs for ages 5 -12 from 10-11:15 am on every Saturday in May.  In this class we are making cafeteria food kids despise, taste great and more healthy.  Little do our chefs know but they are also learning academics too (math, science, history, nutrition, life skills that will last a lifetime, etc…).

Come see all the amazing things we are doing for the community.  Class list will be first come first serve but don’t let that discourage you from coming.  If you do not make the class list no worries Project: FAST Food will be here at the Inquiry Academy so you should stop by and check out our local businesses.  To sign up for classes make a payment for the full session on Venmo @MatthewFast and list the students name.  We ask parents to pay up front for the whole session to make sure we have enough supplies and ingredients for each student.  If you know that you can not make a class before you start the session we will work with you.  Once classes start we look forward to seeing our eager students in class so refunds can not be processed due to classroom expenses.

Project: FAST Food really brings the whole picture together to help students.  Its not always about losing weight, but to learn how to live a happy, healthy and productive life!  Check out all the information on the pictures below.  We can not wait to share our passions with you!

Come join us at The Inquiry Academy at 3818 Ocean View Blvd Montrose, CA 91020.  If you have any questions please call or email us at (818) 797-5741, or  Space is limited so don’t forget to sign up!!  You can see for yourself what Project: Fast Food has been up to by following on Instagram at projectfastfood or by subscribing to the Project: FAST Food YouTube Channel.

Summer Camps 2018

Check out our camps the Inquiry Academy is hosting for us this summer.  The students will love the fun and amazing Summer camps we offer.  Each camp has a different theme each week!!  Look at the pictures below. Before and Aftercare is also available for all those hard working parents.  Come join us on a culinary journey in Culinary Arts, Nutrition and Wellness.  Save 20% when you sign up for more than one camp!!!



Make a Move.  Be Well.  Create yummy Food.

We love our kids.  Celebrate them, and let’s consciously choose opportunities to provide them with a foundation for the best and healthiest life possible!  There is no greater strength in life than the strength of education.  Education provides us with the tools to carve a path so that we can create the best opportunities for success.

MWF Company developed the first curriculum in the U.S. for children which involves culinary arts, nutrition and physical education all in one class.  This helps explain to students why these components work together versus just signing up for a gym class as an elective.  This program helps fight child obesity, the onset of type 2 diabetes, body dysmorphia , anorexia, bulimia, etc… More importantly this program helps build self confidence and team building through peer learning.  This Program is called Project: FAST Food.

At MWF Company, we want you to take a bite out of life – quite literally.  We specialize in the education of culinary arts and wellness for students, from tots to teens even adults.  This means that our founder, Chef Matthew Fast, is on a mission to provide an exciting and fun way of learning how to create deliciously healthy food from scratch, while incorporating the importance of daily physical activity.

Let us join you in your students’ educational journey and supplement it with a culinary arts and wellness program.  At MWF Company, we don’t like thinking outside of the box.  Why?  Well, to be honest, boxes do not exist in our world.  We are limitless!  Get ready… because we are about to revolutionize the minds and bodies of your community, one meal and one jumping-jack at a time!

To help us fund more programs and reach more of our peers though building are YouTube channel please email, call or simply just send donations through Venmo.


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